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Gas anomaly

3 August 2009 Call of Pripyat

Be careful, after the latest Emission acid anomaly known as "Gas" appeared throughout the Zone. But every cloud has a silver lining and in this case the anomaly forms a rare artifact named "Soul".

Before your rush to seek the "Soul", make sure you visit the Anomalies section to read more details about the new anomalous formation of the Zone.

Black Kite

17 July 2009 Call of Pripyat

Rumours flooded the Zone saying that Hog, the leader of mercenaries, put up his well-known pistol "Black Kite" for sale. If you like big game hunting and want to add this legendary "pocket cannon" to your armoury, then head to the trader in the Duty base.

"Black Kite" specifications and description can be found in the Weapons section.

New pictures from the Zone

17 July 2009 Call of Pripyat

Recently a group of stalkers returned from the heart of the Zone and brought some unique photos of Pripyat city, among them there pictures of Prometheus cinema before Emission, Tree of People's Friendship and also a fight between burer and zombified s.t.a.l.k.e.r..

New patch v1.5.10

14 July 2009 Clear Sky

Find a brand new patch v1.5.10 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky improving both the download and retail versions of the game in our Download section. This update doesn't have any compatibility problems with the previous patches.

Check out the list of improvements and get the download link here. But if you have Steam account and bought the game there than new patch will be downloaded automatically.

Burer tracked in the Zone

13 July 2009 Call of Pripyat

They are rumoured to be nothing more than sick scientific fiction and nobody could prove their existence in real life. Now, however, owing to the group of s.t.a.l.k.e.r. Zveroboy we possess some indisputable facts to prove otherwise - a photo of Burer monster. By quirk of luck Zveroboy survived and preserved the monster snapshots.

So, stay alert and stick to your gun, and before you stick your nose into the Zone, do make sure you learn the information on the new monster in our dedicated section of the web-site.

"Fireball" artifact

8 July 2009 Call of Pripyat

Warm and sunny day is a rare occasion in the Zone. Even a summer wind can freeze you here with its cold damp gust and campfire would hardly be a salvation. In such moments the best thing to do is to grab a "Fireball" artifact from your backpack and feel its waves of warmth pierce your body and deliver the nice feeling of summer.

That artifact though is valued not only for its warmth. Find out more about it in the Artifacts section.

Freedom's bad luck

6 July 2009 Call of Pripyat

Alarming news came from the base of Freedom faction, where inexplicable activity of pseudodogs forced all inhabitants of the camp, including sick and wounded, get to arms. Everyone in the vicinity of the base is encouraged to assist the s.t.a.l.k.e.r.s.

Let us remind you that the weakness of pseudodog is in his straightforward attacks making him impossible to avoid bullets fired in the head. A couple of long bursts should settle the mutant down.

More details can be found in the in the dedicated Monsters section.

Time for lunch

3 July 2009 Call of Pripyat

Great news have just arrived from traders. Deficiency of tinned meat in the Zone is finally over. According to unofficial reports, owing to Duty quade efforts, all the Zone bearings in the vicinity of the Army Warehouse have been eliminated to enable us access to the craved stocks.

Those who forgot the look of cans are welcome to visit the Items section and, see you in the bar too!

Electro anomaly

25 June 2009 Call of Pripyat

Following the recent huge emission there has been reported an unusual activity of the Electro anomaly. Rumor is, on top of the known artifacts, the anomaly started generating several new formations known as Battery, Shell and Snowflake.

Both newcomers and experts to the Zone are encouraged to check out the anomaly data in the dedicated Anomalies section of the web-site.

Duty faction recruitment!

22 June 2009 Call of Pripyat

Free stalkers join Duty protecting the world from the contagious Zone! Its the duty of us all! Every new member of Duty supplied with excellent gear.

If you have never met quads of these stalkers before visit the Characters section and read detailed information about Duty.

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